All the contructions workers in Lolly's office are harassing her day out and day in. It comes to the point that she can't take it anymore and goes to her boss to alert him about the situation. That seemed to do the trick, after that talk none of the workers even looked at her! After a few days she kinda missed it though, and decided to hook up with one of them..


She was alone with Erik the worker one day so she went up to him and started to make out with him. He thought he was dreaming and let her do what she wanted with him. She got her hooters out in the open and this made him go crazy! He pulled up her skirt and gave her cunt a good round with his tongue. In return she sucked his schlong and fucked it between her breasts. They continued to fuck around the construction area just hoping none of the other workers would return early from their lunch!


This is only screencaps btw, so what you see is what you get in the video!





























It's even better in HD VIDEO!

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